Execing correctly; means we are performing solidly to exceptionally in our executive role.   The problem we face upon being promoted into the executive seat is that the majority of us are uncertain as to what “execing correctly” really means.  How do we succeed?  What does success look like?  What must we learn?  What must we keep doing vs. stop doing?

We have a lot of questions, but let’s first seek to understand how we ended up in this position.

When you started your career you looked at the promotional paths and you said to yourself, I want to be THERE.  It could have been a specific position and title (for example: SVP of Operations)  or it could have been a simply a level of responsibility (SVP or EVP).

Upon establishing your target, you then started to work towards reaching your career goal.

The positive news is that now you’re there! You’ve made it!

So what’s next?

That is the exact problem.  

You’re not sure.  

You see, it takes about 10 years for women to get to that executive seat, so for the previous 10 years you have been promoting not preparing.

What does it take to get promoted?


You have been a doer of the work.  

Because execution drives promotions.  But promotion doesn’t equal preparation.  

We haven’t actually spent any time preparing to be an executive!

Have you ever noticed that the individuals who get promoted in an organization are the best “doers” of their current role and not necessarily the best person for the next level?

If you want to ensure you are both excellent in your current role and the best person for the executive seat, you must exec correctly.

To exec correctly means you are a leader, not a doer.  In its simplest form, that’s what execing correctly means.

But if you are a great doer, how do you exec?

We are going to work through all of this month.  The key is that you must first realize there is an intentional transition you must make within yourself in order to step forward and start performing in the executive role.  It’s very different than “doing” or executing.  It’s leading and acting strategically.

This week, your challenge is to start understanding why promotion doesn’t equal preparation.

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Be Legendary!