Since it’s the first day of a new month you know what that means, we are kicking off a new series for the month of March!

What are we diving into this month?  It’s the foundational topic we teach here at Legend Leaders, creating your executive brand!

While it may not sound like a fun topic, I think we can agree that it is a necessary topic.

Now, if you read the topic in the title of this episode and cringed or you cringed when you heard me officially announce the topic, I want you to ask yourself why.

Why are you feeling some angst, hesitation, or maybe a bit of frustration when it comes to your executive brand?

That’s a powerful question, isn’t it?

Instead of avoiding the topic or stopping the podcast episode, ask yourself why.

Why are these emotions popping up?

Why are you potentially unwilling to listen to this episode and participate in this topic this month?

If your brand was on point, you would still be willing to listen, right?  No doubt your overall attitude is typically one of professional growth and being open to new ideas.  So if that’s not the space you’re in right now, ask yourself why.  

On the flip side, if you are listening to this episode and you’re saying, “I’m all in Katrina!  I want to learn more about creating an executive brand.  I’m not pushing back.  Don’t worry about me.  That’s great news!  I desperately need the help!”  I still want you to answer the same questions but from the opposite side of the spectrum.  Why are you so willing to adjust your brand?

The point of today is two-fold:

1.  Bring you into this month’s topic.

2.  Identify any personal barriers you have created in your mind when it comes to your executive brand.  

Whether you don’t want to talk about it, due to fear, imposter syndrome, or the like, OR you want to discuss it right this second because you’re not giving yourself enough credit, we need to acknowledge where we are.

Our brains have to be ready to receive this knowledge and it can’t be closed nor can it be so open that we try every idea I share with you.  We have to find the balance before we start.

So that’s your assignment for today.  Prepare yourself to learn more over the coming weeks about creating an executive brand by identifying where you stand mentally in receiving this information and applying it.

Get the workbook to help you do the activity for this week and the following weeks.  If you are already saying you need help with your brand, schedule a call with the Legend Leaders team and let us provide you with an Executive Brand Assessment at no charge.  Schedule that HERE.

Be Legendary!