You are worth it & you are 

worthy of it!

Success should be an open book test.

As a newly promoted female corporate executive, you’re ready for the answers so you can stop stressing and start excelling again.

It takes women 10 years on average to reach the executive ranks.  In that timeframe, the majority of top-performing, high-achieving women focus on one thing: promotion.  

Know this, it takes “promotion” to get the executive seat.  It takes “preparation” to stay in it. 

You’re not prepared.

However, you are frustrated, angry, and uncertain.  You’re blaming yourself because you have no idea how to “exec correctly” (or perform at the executive level).

You know you have very little time to produce results and little room for error.  Your career is riding on your next steps.

Isn’t it time to eliminate the fear and guesswork and create your high-performance executive brand?

Katrina is absolutely the BEST when it comes to a professional, executive-level coach – especially for female leaders. She has influenced me, guided me, and encouraged me to be the absolute best leader and coach for my team and co-workers. Katrina has also helped me navigate and walk through some interesting corporate culture situations and scenarios to bring out the best of myself and others on my team. I am forever grateful for her coaching.


Executive Vice President

Katrina and her Legend Leaders direction has changed my mind and in many ways my life. What she can perceive from the first meeting is amazing and then she speaks into that mindset that is limiting you. She has challenged and pushed me in ways that are changing my outlook on my work life as well as personal life. She is well worth the investment at any level! Time with her is a game changer!


Executive Leader


Programs designed to integrate into your busy life to meet you where you are.

Legend Life App

If you enjoy a self-paced program that you can access anytime, anywhere, the audio programs within the Legend Life app are your answer.  Each program can be downloaded and comes with a workbook to help you master the strategies shared within.

Starting at $97/program

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Download on the App Store
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Download on the App Store
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The Executive Way

A 14-month program that ensures you not only create and strengthen your high-performance executive brand, but you earn your executive bonus, prepare for your next promotion/pay raise, and have impact.  

In the first 60-days, you will build your brand foundation and start generating immediate results.  

In the following 12 months, you will learn and apply executive leadership strategies to strengthen your brand and propel you forward.



1:1 Executive Leadership Sessions

If you want dedicated time each month with your own business and leadership strategist, this is the package for you.

Together we will define your professional targets and then create a personalized plan to ensure you reach those targets.

Packages are for 6 or 12-month timeframes only.



Not sure which program is right for you? Schedule your 15-minute call with Katrina here to figure it out.

Recession-Resistant Executive Career Builder

don’t regret your recent promotion!

Yes, the economy is changing and at this point, seems to be heading toward a recession.  

But instead of stressing, create a recession-resistant executive career es and destroy the “last in first out” rule.  

Access this free, 1-hour, self-guided, training program and take the first step toward career security.