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As a female executive, are you living by your definition of success or someone else’s?

Did you ever think that your definition of success is one of the reasons you are afraid to make changes in your life?  

Success should be an open book test.

Are you sacrificing family dinners, vacation time, and holidays?  Are you missing out on family events, children’s milestones, and more because you’re constantly working?  

You’re not working because you’re addicted to success, you’re working because deep down, you have no idea which actions actually generate career success.  If you knew, you would stop doing all of the busy work and get your life back!  You keep rationalizing why you aren’t taking action.  “My life is good enough.”  “I guess I just signed up for this life.”  “I can’t damage my career and impact the income that takes care of my family.  This is good enough.”

Deep down you are frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied.  You know you deserve a better life. You know your kids and family deserve more of you.  

It’s time to take action!  It’s time to learn how to become an irreplaceable asset in your company.  Only then will you have the job security you need in order to feel free enough to create the life you deserve.

Katrina is absolutely the BEST when it comes to a professional, executive-level coach – especially for female leaders. She has influenced me, guided me, and encouraged me to be the absolute best leader and coach for my team and co-workers. Katrina has also helped me navigate and walk through some interesting corporate culture situations and scenarios to bring out the best of myself and others on my team. I am forever grateful for her coaching.


Executive Vice President

Katrina and her Legend Leaders direction has changed my mind and in many ways my life. What she can perceive from the first meeting is amazing and then she speaks into that mindset that is limiting you. She has challenged and pushed me in ways that are changing my outlook on my work life as well as personal life. She is well worth the investment at any level! Time with her is a game changer!


Executive Leader

how it works

Legend Life Strategy Session

To become an irreplaceable asset, we need 3 pieces of information:

1. Where you are now: professionally and personally

2. Your targets defined: where you want to be in each area of your life

3.  A personalized roadmap to get you started.

In this quick 15-minute call, we will go through each of the 3 pieces and give you some action items to get you started.


Become an Irreplaceable Asset & Live Your Legend Life

Once you have your roadmap, it’s time to take action and create your Legend Life; a life of career success and personal fulfillment.

There are several packages and options to fit your busy schedule and desired pace.  Whether you want life-changing results each month for 12 months, personalized one-on-one support, or self-learning through the Legend Life app, we have a strategy designed for you.

Legend Life App

If you enjoy a self-paced program that you can access anytime, anywhere, the audio programs within the Legend Life app are your answer.  Each program can be downloaded and comes with a workbook to help you master the strategies shared within.

Starting at $97/program
Download on the App Store
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Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Legend Leaders Time Freedom Program

It’s time you stopped working early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays.  If you’re working extra because you believe this is the only way to have career success and security, start with this program.  In 60 days we will help you get 10 hours back to enjoy as personal time while driving your career success.  That’s right!  Learn and apply one strategy a week for 9 weeks and be ready to start living!.  

$1,200/mo. for 2 months

Legend Leaders Irreplaceable Asset Program

If you have the time but simply can’t stop thinking or focusing on work, even when you’re not working, this program is for you.  It’s time you become an irreplaceable asset in your company so that you can have success and security, resulting in mental freedom.  In this 12-month group program, learn the proven attributes and become an irreplaceable asset so you can start living. 

$1,700/mo. for 12 months

Legendary Leader 1:1 Program

If you want one-on-one time with your very own executive strategist, this is the program for you.  Start with a 2-hour deep dive strategy session and walk away with a fully personalized plan designed just for you.  Then, over the course of 6 months, spend 60 minutes every other week with Katrina eliminating your career fears and building the confidence of delivering on your roadmap.

Starting at $2,500/mo.

Not sure which program is right for you? Schedule your 15-minute call with Katrina here to figure it out.