Welcome to another Ask Katrina. The question today is:

“Katrina, I do not feel like I am growing through this promotion gracefully at all. This is painful. How do I know that I’m actually growing? Show me how I’m navigating through this successfully.”

The answer is not a long one.

The answer is actually an action.

I can tell you that you are growing and that you’re doing great, but that’s not what you want, is it?

So let me teach you what works in this situation so you can know for yourself how you’re doing.

The action you must take is planning, execution, review, and celebration.

Recognizing Personal Growth Requires Intentional Awareness

Every single week, you sit down and you plan out your week, right?

You create your calendar, you map out your weekly schedule, and you put together the things that you need to be doing for that week to move yourself and the business forward.

Then you execute. (Right now execution at the executive level looks a little bit different than the mid-level leader level so you may think you’re not executing but realize your attendance and participation in meetings is execution.)

Take a look at your calendar, look at the things that you’ve got to get done this week, and then add those functions (meetings, conversations, strategic time, etc.) to your calendar. Make sure that you’re using your calendar effectively to schedule your time and do the things that you must do in order to succeed.

Add one 30-minute event on Friday afternoon called: “Weekly Review” or “Self-Refection.”

You’re going to do a couple of things in that self-reflection time.

The first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to look at your week and you’re going to ask how you did.

Whatever the answer is, we’re not going to beat ourselves up.

You’re going to review the calendar and you’re going to ask yourself for each day: How did I do? How did I control the things I could control?

Because fires, emergencies, and different things being added to your calendar, aren’t always in your control. So based on what you could control, how did it go that day?

The second action is to make a list of the things that you learned that week.

We always learn something.

For this item, create a Google Doc or a running Word document, where you can journal.

Use this to document to compile what you learned that week and every week for the next 6-12 months.

Then either 6 months or a year from now (add this to the calendar now), pull out this document and review it.

Look at the things that you’ve learned.

This is going to be a win on multiple fronts.

Realize that as soon as you write down what you have learned this week, you’re going to go, “Oh, I did learn that.”

Immediately that lesson goes from subconscious to conscious.

This means you have the conscious awareness to apply that lesson moving forward.

It’s going to be an active lesson that you can continue to apply in your career.

The second thing that’s going to happen is you’re going to have a running document of how you’ve learned to navigate being an executive so that you can look back on it a year from now, as I mentioned, and go look at the tremendous growth you experienced and accomplished.

Now some of this is going to be internal growth; how you’ve personally grown your personal leadership.

Some of it’s going to be how you created business leadership and you’ve grown the business.

The key thing here is the ways in which you’ve grown the business are critical because those are lessons you can now use to mentor and teach others.

Now you can replicate your results by teaching your strategies.

It is so powerful.

So I promise you that you are growing as you navigate your new executive role.

You simply don’t have a process to see it clearly. You aren’t actively taking the subconscious learning and making it conscious and you don’t yet have a routine around acknowledging that growth.

So put those two components into place by creating your Friday self-reflection routine into place and I promise you, you will quickly see it!

Like what you learned?

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