How it works

When you commit to being a Legend, you take back your life. No longer do you feel like you have to work 24-7. No longer will you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about how to get your business off of the ground or to the next level.


By getting access to the strategies you need through our coaching and online courses, you will stop chasing solutions but instead, take the right actions to get the right results.


Take a look at our options below. Note that all programs:

– Are for 12-months

– Include coaching

– Give you access to additional trainings during your 12 months (unlike other programs that charge you for each training program).


This is a 12-month program where you and I work side by side. After you take the business assessment to determine where you are on mastering the 9 foundational pillars, we create a roadmap for you and your business. We then talk monthly one on one as you give me full insight into your business and in turn, I ensure you deliver to your plan as well as provide you with tools like funnels, automations, and copywriting reviews. If you are committed to making improvements, but need a partner to help you create your business foundation, this is the path for you. In addition to these done for you services and monthly coaching sessions, you get full access to a personalized foundational course, a portal that houses our recorded one on one sessions, and an emergency hotline for time sensitive questions. If you would like your customized plan built for you, complete the application and a member of the Legend Leaders team will review it and follow up with you.


This 12-month program is for you if you like to learn on your own while also having one on one coaching as a means of support, accountability, or unique guidance. After you complete the business assessment, a business roadmap will be created for you. We will then follow that roadmap to move you successfully through the 9 foundational pillars. Beyond the live calls, your calls will be recorded and shared with you in your private video library. Additionally, you will get access to a personalized foundational online course in your 24/7 on-demand video library, email support, and the private Facebook community where we share our ideas and support each other long after the group coaching has ended.
If you would like your customized plan built for you, complete the application and a member of the Legend Leaders team will review and follow up with you.


This program has all of the tools you need to tackle the learning at your own pace, but with the support you need. This is the course for all of us who truly work best at our own pace but with the resources of group coaching when you need it. Once a month you can join an “Ask Me Anything” live coaching call, where you pose your questions about the course, your business, the 9 foundational pillars, how to fight your villain, etc. Or, simply listen to the questions others are asking. You also get 24/7 access to the on-demand video library which will include the Legend Business Foundations course as well as your personalized roadmap, created for you after you take the business assessment. You also get access to a private Facebook group and some other great bonuses to propel you forward; not to mention email support by the Legend Leaders team. Can you say collaboration, celebration, and support?! If this program sounds perfect for you, click buy now and let’s get started!

Are you are startup?

Let’s get real for a second

You know you want to take the leap, but maybe you are hesitant.


Because you are trapped in a world of second guessing yourself. Your inner villain is in full control and you are scrambling to get ahead.

You are better than that!

You deserve:

  • To be fulfilled
  • Have a business that performs
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Take vacations
  • Be properly paid for the work you are doing
  • Have the impact you have been dreaming of

A sneak peek into one of the strategies:

Mastering the 9

Mastering the 9 fundamental pillars of business is the answer to your most commonly asked question, “Am I doing this right or should I even be doing this at all?”  The 9 fundamental pillars ensure you have the foundation you need to create a stable business, not a “two-week, launch that you can’t replicate” business. 

Check it out!


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Stop missing out on your Legendary Life!