How it Works

Committing to becoming a legend is all about deciding you want to live your life your way, and then figuring out how you can make it happen.


You’re someone who knows you’re meant for more in life, so why not explore your options and see how you can make the changes that will make all the difference?


Once you start, nothing will stop you as you go in search of truly legendary status.


Work side by side with the Legend Leaders team for 6 months as you go from gaining clarity on your internal mission, to building a strategy and making it happen. It’s the smart, strategic, and simplified way to attain legendary status in just 6 months.

  •  Connect with a mentor over weekly calls, take part in online training, and more
  • Make use of our emergency hotline when you have something that just can’t wait

  • Build and execute a strategic plan that will take you to the next level before you know it  

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Learn solo and make use of exclusive one-on-one coaching whenever you need it and you’ll be able to make the changes that make all the difference. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to gain clarity, build a plan, and put it all into action in 6 months or less.

  • Live calls, private video library, and personalized online course always ready and waiting
  • Join the private FB community and find inspiration whenever you need it
  • A unique approach to learning and development backed up with accountability and guidance

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Doing it your way is about doing it yourself through a combination of online training, awesome bonuses, and regular invites to live Ask Me Anything calls. Put that all together and you can change your life at your own pace without ever having to wait.

  • Take control of your learning and development with the click of a button
  • Understand what you need with a little help and guidance and then go and do it
  • Support and collaborations are always ready and waiting when you need them

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A Strategic Sneak Peak


Living life on your terms is the answer to your two most commonly asked questions, “How do I know I’m living my best life?” and “How do I create my best life?”

Watch a replay of a live webinar I did that will help you answer those exact questions.