Ready to Breathe Again?

Committing to life on your terms is all about deciding you want to live your life your way, then taking action. Once you make that decision, you can finally let go of that breath you have been holding and actually breathe again! We know that every journey is different, which is why we offer a variety of strategies to support you!


Legend Leadership Programs

Legend Life app 

It’s time!  You are ready to have both professional success and personal freedom.  You want to live life on your terms and for you, “your terms” also means learning and making changes at “your pace.”  If this is you, download the free app and start learning through our audio programs.

  • Get 24-7 access to the free app where you will find monthly strategy programs created with you in mind.
  • The programs are easy to access!  Download the app on your phone or tablet, or add it to your desktop.
  • New content is created regularly to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.
  • Listen to free content in each of our programs!
  • Each full audio program comes with a downloadable workbook to help you take action!

Starting at $97/program

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Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
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Self-Made Legend Program

Make use of exclusive one-on-one coaching whenever you need it and you’ll be able to make the changes that make all the difference. isn’t that just what you want to hear now that you are ready to get clear on what life on your terms looks like and start taking action?

The basic package starts with these components:

  • A 2-hour Strategy Session to create your 6-month plan.  
  • Bimonthly calls (60 minutes each) with your mentor to assess your progress and create new strategies as needed.
  • A unique approach to learning and mastery of the 3 leadership pillars backed up with accountability and guidance

Starting at $1200/month

Leader to Legend Program

Want a more supportive, expedited program?  We’ve got you.  

Work side by side with the Legend Leaders team for 6 months.  Not only will you be crystal clear as to the life you want to live, the Legend team create a personalized roadmap just for you.  It’s the smart, strategic, and simplified way to quickly create your Legendary Life.

  • Kickoff the process with several personal assessments that will ensure your roadmap is 100% aligns with your definition of a life well lived
  • Join a Deep Dive Strategy Session to define the changes you want to see come to life 
  • Receive your personalized roadmap within 10 days of the session
  • Connect with a mentor via regularly scheduled phone calls once you start executing on the roadmap
  • Make use of our emergency hotline when you have something that simply can’t wait until your next strategy session.

Starting at $1700/month

Not sure which program is right for you?

No worries!  Schedule a no-fee, 15-minute call and let us support you.  It’s exactly what we are here for!