What if I told you that imposter syndrome isn’t your problem?

First let me ask, how often have you said you have imposter syndrome?

is it a phrase you use occasionally, rarely, or almost daily?

For most women who are spending the bulk of their time in their careers, it would seem that they would use the term rarely, right?

I mean, those are the women who are delivering on the daily.

They kick butt and take names.

They are powerhouses!

And yet, the reality is that most of them live in a mental state of imposter syndrome the majority of the time.

it’s part of why they push so hard and give so much.

But what if I told you that you and these other women actually don’t have imposter syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome Defined

Imposter syndrome is the belief that we don’t know enough, haven’t done enough, and therefore we are just waiting for someone to call us out and expose our gaps.

In other words, we are acting like something we are not in the hopes that we can fool those around us into believing that we are capable and competent.

We’re frauds!

But here’s the key point in this either thought process, the entire point of imposter syndrome is that we are hoping to fool people into thinking we have it all figured out.

Are you seriously trying to achieve that?

Not one woman I have met is trying to make the people around her think she has it figured out.

As a matter of fact, most everyone is readily acknowledging that they have a lot to learn and if anything, act like they know less, not more!

The key here is that you’re not trying to deceive anyone nor are you trying to act like you know everything.

The entire reason you feel like an imposter is that you know you don’t have it figured out and you think you must in order to be successful in the role.

Guess who thinks you must have it all figured out before you can succeed?

Only you.

So how can you be an imposter when you own your knowledge gaps, readily seek to close them, and are the first to admit when you need to learn something?

The True Source of Imposter Syndrome

Ultimately we take on the label of imposter syndrome not because we don’t know how to perform the functions of a job, but because we sincerely do not know what it takes to be consistently and unequivocally successful, and therefore secure in our careers.

Because we doubt our knowledge in this space, we believe we are imposters in our careers.

I believe this is the root of imposter syndrome in women.

Now, can I be honest with you?

The reality is that you can’t be an imposter if 90% plus people around you have no clue as to what generates consistent career success either.

Because if no one really knows, is everyone an imposter?



Because the crux of imposter syndrome is the concept of convincing someone you are what you’re not.

I don’t know of anyone who is trying to convenience other people that they know what career success and security look like.

If they have this piece of their career figured out, they aren’t convincing anyone, they are simply living that truth.

The bottom line is you very clearly know you don’t have career success and security figured out. You’re not trying to convenience anyone otherwise; which means you don’t have imposter syndrome.

You have career fear.

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