Why are you so focused on leadership mastery, Katrina?

I get this question quite a bit actually.  

It’s not a bad question at all.  

Actually, it’s a phenomenal question.  

Let me share with you my answer and hopefully, it will empower you to say, “I want some of that!”

What is Leadership?

Leadership is so much more than what the corporate world and corporate cultures define it to be.

In the corporate world, leadership is usually defined as “moving a team forward.”

However, this is such a small sliver of what leadership truly is.

Leadership is an internal calling, a way in which we interact not just with others in a professional setting but how we interact with ourselves in all settings.

Working in the corporate world, hearing terms such as “servant leadership” and “executive leadership,” I realized that we are missing out on all that leadership mastery truly is and what it can provide to us in our lives.  

This is why I created the Legend Leaders 3 Pillars of Leadership and why I am so passionate about teaching leadership mastery.

What are the 3 pillars?

  1. Personal
  1. Business
  1. People

When you master these 3 pillars, you have mastered the strategies needed to create and live life on your terms, a Legendary Life.

But how in the heck does leadership mastery result in life on your terms?

By giving you the tools you need to not only identify but take action on who you want to be, how you want to share your gifts/talents with the world, and who you want to serve.

The 3 Pillars of Leadership in Detail

When you master personal leadership, you have the mindset to conquer the world.  You have defined who you are, what life is truly about, and what a life well-lived looks like.  Once you have these defined and engrained inside your mind and body, you have an internal compass guiding you through life.  A compass set by you, for you.

When you master business leadership you become an irreplaceable asset.  Every company wants assets so why not eliminate the fear and risk of losing your job and become an irreplaceable asset?  It’s a win for you and for the company.  Mastering business leadership includes such actions as mastering innovation, strategic growth, and exceptional service all of which get you and keep you in that asset category.

Last but not least, people leadership.  We work with, for, and sell to people every single day.  Teams need leaders who focus on service, mentorship, and meeting their needs.  Leaders need teams who can plan, execute, follow up, pivot, and serve.  For you to be the leader others need you to be, and for you to influence others to get the results you need, you must master people leadership.  

Ultimately, leadership mastery helps you achieve the freedom and purpose you have been searching for. 

What do you think?

Are you ready to stop sacrificing yourself for your career?

Are you ready to start living life on your terms, a Legendary Life?

Are you ready to embrace leadership mastery so you can live your purpose?

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