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About Legend Leaders

You are a strong, confident, capable, action-taking leader! Normally.

But right now, you are drinking from the business firehose, trying to figure out what to do, what to learn, and which tool you need to buy next. As you look around at your competitors or peers, FOMO sets in.

This is a never ending cycle, that is nothing but a distraction, keeping you from your ultimate success. You must step out of it.

Legend Leaders provides you with the strategies you need to create your business, and therefore change your life!

Katrina Jamison

Legend Leader, Host

Recent Episodes

(2:14) Executives Thinking Like Entrepreneurs

In last week’s episode we talked about the fact that too much is just right.  Inherently though, there are amazing women out there who are thinking, “I can’t leave my corporate job today.  I have to save some money, I have to take care of a sick parent, etc.  I need to be successful in this job for another year, how do I do that, Katrina?”  In other words, “How do I make it in the corporate world when I’m too much?”

Ultimately if you can bring the entrepreneurial mindset into the corporate world, you will be able to survive in that environment while you are taking care of the life situations that demand your attention and time right now.  You see, if you are too much in the corporate world but just right in the entrepreneurial world, you need to merge those worlds.

There are two reasons that you need to do this:

1.  It empowers you to be who you truly are.  You can be your true, authentic self and fit in to that entrepreneurial environment that the corporate world shifts to when you bring that mindset into play. You can give your gifts, your talents, and you don’t have to worry about justing to fit the mold.  

2. An entrepreneurial mindset is what large corporations need to embody if they want to thrive in the world.  Entrepreneurs innovate and iterate. They fall in love with their customer, not their products.  Because they have this mindset, they grow successful businesses.  Corporations are too large and complex to allow for this agility and this constant innovation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.  They do!

So ultimately, you must bring the entrepreneurial world into the corporate world. At Legend Leaders, we go into corporations and do just that.  We teach executives how to think and act like entrepreneurs.  If you want this injected into your corporation, let us know!

Be Legendary!

(2:13) Too Much is Just Right

Did you know that too much is just right?

For all of you who have been told, you are just too much, meaning you have heard things like:  You are too smart.  You solve problems too quickly.  You expect too much because you want everyone to perform at a minimum performance level, or maybe it’s because you want to remove people from your team who don’t perform.  It could be that you’re too solution oriented and you immediately start solving the problem, you need to slow down and let everyone else catch up to you.  (“You’re not going to have any fiends if you don’t slow down!”) Or maybe you have heard that you need to consider people’s feelings before you make a business decision, (Why aren’t you more sensitive?).  Then there is the flip side, you are too sensitive to the customer’s needs.

When you hear those words, you are confused.  Baffled.  You want to fit in, but you also want to be you.  At Legend Leaders, I’m drawing a line in the sand.  I want you to know that I am saying NO MORE.  No more will I stand in the shadows and not advocate for amazing women just like you who are working in the corporate world, giving it your all, only to be told that you need to step back into the shadows because you’re too much.

Know this, you are perfect just as you are. The world needs your gifts.  So let’s get them out there!

What does that mean?  It means first, recognize that there is nothing wrong with you, you aren’t TOO MUCH.  Remember, TOO MUCH IS JUST RIGHT. More specifically, too much in the corporate world is just right in the entrepreneurial world.

You have amazing gifts that while they may be intimidating to others, is exactly what the world needs.  Maybe the corporate world can’t handle your gifts, but the real world can.

Second, start deciding how you will free yourself to be you, give your gifts, and make the world better.  Start with the search within yourself.  Who are you? Who do you want to be?  Who are you meant to be?  How are you meant to serve?

If you are stuck or you’re unsure, schedule a free 30-minute Jump Start call with me and let me help you move forward.

Either way you have to remember: too much is just right.

Be Legendary!

(2:12) It’s Time for You to Assess Your Q1 Results

If your business fiscal year follows the calendar year, then today is your last day of Q1, which means it’s time for you to assess your Q1 results.  

 Now, for those of you who are in the initial phases of starting your business, you may be saying to yourself, “Katrina, I don’t have a business so I don’t have a fiscal year.”  Oh, yes you do!  You may not be generating revenue yet, but you have a fiscal year, you have financials you need to review, you have other KPIs you need to review.

Step 1: if you haven’t scheduled this time on your calendar, block off time on your calendar next week to review your Q1 results.  You probably already have time to review March, but give yourself some extra time to review both the month of March and Q1.  I would recommend at least an hour.

Step 2: have your data ready.  Whether you are generating revenue or not, you have KPIs. For those of you who are in the early planning stages of your business, your KPIs are timelines and deadlines on things like building relationships, finalizing your target audience, having critical conversations with loved ones, finalizing your niche, creating your legal entity, etc.  All of these activities are KPIs in that they are measurable events that impact your business. The key metric you do have from a financial perspective is expenses.  You will spend money before you make it. Are you staying within budget?

If you are running your startup or growing your company, your KPIs are a combination of personal and company deadlines.  Rework this marketing package, or hire this new team member, etc. for example while you also have key business metrics like sales, profit, taxes, cash flow, customer feedback, etc.

Everyone wants to look at financials as the most important commodity and in the business world, you are right.  We live and die by the financial numbers. But in the overall life world, time is your most precious commodity.  You need to measure how well you used your time, how well you delivered on your timelines, and how effective your time was spent so that you can adjust and course correct, just as you would if your financials were not hitting the mark.

Step 3:  This is how you analyze your Q1, monthly, annually, etc. business results.  You look at money AND time. You rate yourself honestly as to how you did in each area, and you put plans in place to keep getting better. And then you take action!  Step 3 is taking action.

Drop me a note or let me know in the Facebook group how you delivered on your March and Q1 targets.  I want to celebrate with you and help you move forward.

Be Legendary!

(2:11) Let Spring Pump Up Your Afternoon Routine

With the change in the weather, why not use that as motivation and let spring pump up your afternoon routine?

Yes, it’s spring.  When I think March and April, I think about new beginnings, right?  That’s what spring is. 

There is always this hope, this promise . . . this level of excitement that comes with spring.  We move out of the cold, wet, dreary, dark season of winter and we come bursting into spring like flowers starting to grow and bloom in our yards.

With that happening around you, it should be the extra little encouragement you need to make some changes to your routine.

I’m not talking about a complete overhaul.  You know I shared with you my daily routine, which I’m very happy with.  But I can always take my routine to the next level, and use spring as my motivator to help me get there.

Little things like lunch at my desk, can now be lunch outside because the weather is perfect.  Or at least in the dining room looking outside, right?  Conference calls that aren’t sharing a document or a presentation can move from zoom to phone only and I can go for a walk in the neighborhood, enjoying some fresh air while getting work done.  Since we have already moved our clocks forward earlier in the month we have extra daylight in the evenings. That allows for grilling vs. being in the kitchen all day, playing outside with the kids, or going for a walk with the family after dinner.

Maybe you don’t go to an office, maybe you never did, maybe you no longer are required to.  As a result from all this working from home we continue to get sucked into the inevitable black hole of more tasks and less happiness or joy.

Use spring!  Let spring cause a resurgence of excitement for life, movement, and the confidence to step away from your desk, enjoy the outside a bit more, move your body, and let’s create a new routine that is more supportive of your body and mental health.

Be Legendary!

(2:10) Are You Selling?

Are you selling?

No doubt when you heard me say that your answer was one of three things:

  1. I don’t have anything to sell yet, but I will, here’s what I’m doing.
  2. Of course I am selling Katrina, I have ads running, i have funnels working, I have emails sending.  I’m selling!
  3. I am selling but I’m not getting results.  So . . . I don’t know if I am selling or not.

Ok, now you get why I’m asking you this question.  Ultimately, if you have a business, you have to sell.  Each day you must do something to generate sales as this is fundamental to your business success.

That may sound silly and obvious but you would be surprised at how often we talk ourselves out of selling.

There are two barriers that limit our mindset. We must create the mindset shift in order to generate daily sales.

  1. We have to sell if we are going to have a business.  For each of the 3 answers above, there is an equal action that must be taken.
  2. The other issue you have to adjust is that you aren’t selling, you are helping.  You have something that people need in this world.  I talk about this often and I’m going to keep talking about it.  You have something that people need, so know that you aren’t out there to collect a dollar.  You are out there to serve, give, contribute, and make the world better.

My challenge today is two-fold. First, ask yourself: “What can I do right now to raise the bar when it comes to selling in my business?”  Second, shift your mindset from selling to serving. Build your routine every single day, a way to serve your customer at a higher level, educating them, offering them your service/product.

Be Legendary!

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