This month, let’s talk about all things related to negotiations. As a new executive, your day-to-day activities will require you to negotiate effectively. So what does that look like? Where do you even start? How do you master it?

Before we just dive right in, let’s pause for a second. Let’s pause and let’s be honest.

Did you cringe at the word “negotiation?”  In my experience, the word negotiation is typically linked to the concept of “sales” in the majority of people’s minds.  

What do we link to sales?  The slick, slimy, used car salesman mentality.

We think negotiation means “I’m going to make you do what I want you to do, even if it’s not in your best interest.”

Know this, that isn’t a negotiation, that is manipulation.

As an executive, our goal isn’t to be sneaky, shady, or manipulative. That attitude is 100% self-serving, and that’s not how leaders behave.

Instead, we want to learn the art of negotiation so that we can use our knowledge, our compassion, and our strategic mind to help move the business forward while also exceeding the customer’s expectations.  We are focused on the customer and the company, which means we are focused on serving, not selfishness. That’s why we are going to learn the art of negotiation this month (not the art of manipulation).

That’s the key difference between true negotiation, to find a compromise where everyone wins, and manipulation, where only the manipulator benefits.

So if you have any fear of being a good negotiator, let’s focus on eliminating that fear this month, learning the proper strategies for serving at the highest level through compromise, communication, and therefore negotiation.  It’s time to be the executive you are meant to be.

Sound like a plan?

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