In this episode of “Ask Katrina,” I’m answering a question we have all wanted to ask and have answered at some point in our careers. That question is: When I want to start making changes to get the time and mental freedom that I want, I start to get overwhelmed. Then I don’t take action because it becomes too much. How do I overcome the overwhelm and get to where I want to be?

Anytime we try to make a change, we can become overwhelmed if the changes feel too big or the actions we need to take are unknown. That’s not a “you thing” that’s a human thing. We all face that. So if that’s the case, how do we work through it?

What Causes the Overwhelm?

The reason we get overwhelmed is we start asking ourselves one singular question: How.

How do I do this?

How do I make this change?

How do I get the results I want and not all of the stuff I don’t?

When we start with “how” our brains freak out. We don’t know. We have no clue as to how.

Not because we aren’t smart, or capable, or that we aren’t problem-solvers. No, it’s because we are asking the questions out of order. We can’t solve for “how” when we haven’t defined what we want and why we want it.

Until we know these answers, the “how” will always be elusive.

Do you get that critical piece right there?

Many women will tell themselves: Because I don’t know how I guess I don’t deserve the freedom I want. Or they will say, It’s just not meant to be, and then they will give up.

None of these statements are true.

Let’s use a baking analogy.

When you start with “how,” it’s like you have made the icing for the cake and you’re ready to apply it, but you haven’t yet baked the cake.

So how do you overcome the overwhelm?

Eliminate the Overwhelm with “What” & “Why”

Instead of feeling like you’re undeserving or that you simply can’t figure out how to get the life you deserve, start by asking yourself the right questions in the right order.

Question #1: What do I want?

Start here.

Allow yourself to clearly define what you want when you think about time freedom and mental freedom. Do you want a set number of hours back in your week? Do you want to get your mornings back or your weekends? Do you want to be fully present at your child’s ballgame? What do you want?

Question #2: Why do you want it?

The second question you must answer is why you want what you want. It’s not just enough to know what you want, you must know why you want it. Your why will be your motivating force to help you make the changes you must make.

For example, if you are tired of taking on extra projects and that means you must talk with your supervisor and tell them you want to spend more time focusing on developing your team vs. projects, that could be a stressful conversation you’re preparing for.

If the why behind that decision is because those special projects are taking up time in the evenings that you want to give back to your kids and your family, then your why will help you push past your fear and have the conversation.

Once you have answered “what” and “why,” then you can get to the how.

The “how” will start to flow freely and you will be amazed at how creative and solution-oriented you have become because you have a clear vision of the problem at hand. It’s like the fog has lifted and you can see your destination clearly.


Because you have a well-defined destination now as well as motivation to get you there.

If you are ready to make changes in your life to start living your Legend Life, life on your terms, start with “what” and “why.” Eliminate the overwhelm by creating your own mental clarity.

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