Last month on the Legendary Leaders podcast we focused on phase 1 of the 4 P’s, Promotion vs. Preparation.  This month, we are moving into phase 2 of the executive success pathway which is Performance vs. Permission.

Did you just go, “Performance vs. Permission, what in the world is that?”

If you did, I get it.

I get it because I’ve lived it and I have helped a large number of other super-talented executive women move through this as well.  

The reality we are facing together this month is that performance is a requirement that must be met before we give ourselves permission to live the life we want to live.

Take a second to digest that if you need to.

If we don’t feel like we are performing professionally, we withhold our personal permission to enjoy a date night, self-care routines, weekends off, etc.

The 4 P’s here at Legend Leaders is the defined pathway we follow to get the life we want to live.  So let’s spend this month diving into and defining what performance actually means, what permission actually means, why both are critical to our professional lives, and then how it directly influences and impacts our personal lives.

Next week we are diving into the concept of performance.

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Be Legendary!