It’s December 7th, and while many times we want to spend the month of December on self-reflection, we’re not doing that this year.  We must prepare to move forward. I want you to hit 2023 with momentum, clarity, and confidence.  So while everyone else is spending January “preparing” for the year we are already in, you will be getting results. It’s time to step into Preparation Season!

What is preparation season?

It’s the time when we commit to making 2023 the best year of our lives and then we do the preparation and planning so that we have no choice but to make that happen!

Ultimately, we will spend this month getting rid of the “I’m going to” mindset and stepping into the “I’ve got this” mindset.

We are not going to be one of the millions of people who pick a “focus” for 2023 several hours before midnight on the evening of December 31st.

We are high achievers and we have a life we want to live, contributions we want to make, and professional impacts to make.

Instead of hoping, winging it, or “getting to it later,” we are going to make it happen now.

You have spent probably a week’s worth of time preparing for 2023 at work; finalizing the vision, the strategy, the milestones, the methods, etc., right?  So why wouldn’t you intentionally invest time preparing for your year?

The challenge I’m leaving you with this week is answering this question: What is preparation season and why is it a must for me to participate as a means of making 2023 the best year of my life?

As always, grab the workbook as an additional layer of support during Preparation Season.

Be Legendary!