Do You Want Success and Fulfillment?

How does a life of both professional success and personal fulfillment sound to you?

Great, right?

After all, isn’t this what we have been striving to achieve since college? We got out of school, set our target on an amazing life, and started working on making it happen.

So then why are so many of us missing the mark?

If this is what we set out to achieve, and we are high achievers, why are we not living the life we set out to live?

Sure, we have a great career, family, friends, a beautiful home, cars, vacations, etc.

We have the life that others would point to and say, “THAT! That’s the life I want!”

And yet, we aren’t satisfied.

To the point that people around us commonly say things like, “You’re never satisfied! Why can’t you just be happy?”

The answer to that question is not because you don’t want to be happy or satisfied.

The answer is you’re not happy or satisfied because you feel like you screwed up.

You set out to create and live life on your terms and yet you’re not.

And you have no clue where you went wrong, what you did wrong, if you can fix it or not, and if you can still have the life you have always wanted to have or if it’s too late.

The Solution is to Become an Irreplaceable Asset

Let me tell you something before we dive into the solution.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re not alone.

The majority of career women are living a life that is not the life they set out to live. It’s not a bad life, it’s a beautiful life compared to most. But because it’s not the life we each envisioned for ourselves, it’s not the life we want.

We’re not done trying to create and live our definition of a “best life.”

So then how do we get that life?

We must identify what is holding us back.

The answer is the one area we feel fairly confident in: our careers.

We must improve the way we operate in our careers if we want to live life on our terms.

Right now, you’re working 10-hour days (minimally), missing family routines, dinners, kid events, and holidays, and you’re blaming your company for it.

The reality is that you must change the way you work.

Smarter, not harder.

When you become an irreplaceable asset in your organization, you are doing the work the company values, they see you as an asset they simply cannot live without, and you’re working on all of the right things at the right times so you have the time freedom to add the piece of your life that’s missing.

Personal fulfillment.

What is an irreplaceable asset?

Someone who adds daily value to the organization.

It’s so logical and simple, you know in your gut that this is your answer.

So start adding daily value to create your life of professional success and personal fulfillment.

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