Welcome to 2023!  We are kicking off the year by discussing the concept of promotion vs. preparation.  

Why must this be understood and overcome as a new executive if we want to create a high-performance executive brand?

It takes women on average 10 years to get promoted to an executive seat.  

That’s 10 years of doing what?

Focusing on the next promotion.  We are constantly given advice to “get really good at the job we are in because that’s the fastest way to get promoted.”

We are told at every turn and angle: excel where you are to get ahead.

So what do we do?  We focus on the job at hand.

We focus on the concept of promotion, not preparation.

I have found, through both my own experience as well as supporting other amazing women, that when we set our sights on that executive role, 

the one that was going to make our lives easier, 

the one where we said, “When I get there, I will have it all and then be able to do it all,” 

the one we believe is the answer to our prayers, 

the answer to the late nights, early mornings, the personal sacrifices, and the damage we have done to the relationships we say we care so much about.

That executive position is not just the career success we have been seeking but the life balance we have been longing for.

To get into that executive seat makes all of those sacrifices worth it.

That’s what we tell ourselves.

But when we get there, what happens?

It’s not the answer to our prayers.


Because we didn’t prepare. 

We were so focused on a promotion we didn’t ask ourselves what we would need to change, learn, or grow into in order to exec correctly.

And now 10 years’ worth of career execution, sacrifices, and personal brand development is at risk because we haven’t prepared.

That’s what this entire month is about on the Legendary Leaders podcast.

We are going to spend time really understanding the “why” behind this concept and then we can quickly do about it as a means of not only saving our brand but creating our executive brand.

I look forward to working through this topic with you this month.  Grab the workbook and get started!

Be Legendary!