Welcome to another Ask Katrina. The question today is:

“Katrina, how do I redefine success as a new exec?”

The primary reason that we ask ourselves this question is that for the prior 10 years of our career, we focus on getting to one place, the executive seat.

Our success had been defined by climbing the ladder to get to that exec role.

Now that you have arrived, what’s next?

You need a new definition of success.

What does success look like in the executive ranks?

Now, I said that the primary reason driving you to ask this question is because your target has always been to get where you now are. But there are actually two forces at play here.

Why Must We Redefine Success?

Number one, we’ve reached our endpoint. We became the executives we have been striving to be. Now we’ve got to have a new target.

Number two, the way in which we performed in prior roles to generate results is different than how we will generate results as an executive; therefore, we need to clarify what success looks like in that regard as well.

It’s a brand new professional world for us.

Now that you understand the driving forces let’s talk about how to actually “redefine success.”

The 3 Actions to Take to Set Your New Success Target

Number one, you’ve got to set a new target.

Yes, you’re in the executive ranks, but what’s next for you?

What is your next career goal?

Is it another promotion?

Is that the level of impact you’re going to have in this role?

What are you going to achieve and do professionally?

Number two, you have to embrace the fact that prior to the executive role, your focus and your success were measured by doing, i.e., you’re getting functions and tasks done.

Today, you’re leading through people you’re influencing, you’re being strategic, and you’re sharing ideas. Your work is more theoretical and less tangible.

We’ve got to get comfortable with that.

We must define success, not by tasks and checking boxes, but by the level of impact that we have, through dialogue, influence, negotiations, strategic improvements, and creating strategies.

Now, I’m going to throw out a bonus number three, if we’re talking solely about our careers, those are the two things that you’ve got to do what I just mentioned.

But bonus number three is the simple fact that many times we define success based on the outside world’s perception of what success should look like.

It could be monetary, “I drive this car, I live in this neighborhood, I go on these vacations.”

If that’s how you define success, that’s perfectly fine.

If it’s not, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Now that you are in this role, you can define success truly on your own terms.

What does success look like to you?

You can expand that definition.

It can mean volunteering or donating your time or more money.

It could be serving in other countries.

There are so many things that you can do to define success at the executive level because you have more ability to freely define that now.

Don’t miss that opportunity.

If you want to learn a little bit more about how to redefine success at the executive level, on your terms, I have a free audiobook that you can access in the Legend Life app (wherever you download apps).

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You deserve to be able to define success on your terms and live life on your terms. And there are three key components to that. So go get the audiobook and let me know how else I can support you.