At a time when women are finally being recognized as talent assets in large corporations, why are we walking away from our seats at the table?

Rest assured, it’s not because we don’t want a seat.

It’s that we don’t want THAT seat.

Which seat am I referring to?

The seat that still comes with limitations, baggage, and BS.

We want the right seat!

We are tired of dealing with executives who tell us that our gifts are just too amazing; You are just too good at that, give someone else a chance.”


When did trophies start going to the “average” or the underperformers?

When did being “too much” become a bad thing?

The reality is that with the mass exodus of talent occurring right now, the days of insecure “leaders” (both men and women) trying to hold superiorly talented female leaders back are limited.

In a world where we are fighting for pay equality and a seat at the c-suite table, corporations cannot afford to lose their female talent.

For once ladies, the ball seems to be in our court.

Yes, seems.

So, what’s missing?

The Potential for the Right Seat

Women are leaving the workforce at a higher rate than men, which means that the c-suite disparity we were trying to resolve before the pandemic is only getting worse without intentional corporate action.

If you read any news articles about the “Great Resignation,” you will inherently read that a challenge is being placed in front of large corporations, “How are you going to keep talented women in your workforce to ensure you have a diversity of talent and thought?”

They need us!

This is great, right?

Yes and no.

It’s great because the opportunities (the “seats at the table”) are there.  

However, it’s still THAT seat.

We still have to contend with the same leaders in the c-suite and on the board who are enforcing the old rules; the rules that got them where they are and have kept them where they are.

Those old rules don’t support our gifts and talents.

So why would we jump into a new position only to deal with the same old BS?

This is what you must watch out for.

Because the reality is that your “too much” attributes are exactly what large corporations need right now.  

They need top-talented female executives to come in, share new ideas, execute, and grow the business.

They need you!

So how do you find the right seat?

How Do You Find the Right Seat?

The first step is to know yourself and stand confidently in your truth.

Ask yourself:

What are my talents, my passions, and my non-negotiables?  

Use these answers to guide you when selecting your new role.

The second step is deciding which company is the right fit.

To do that you must interview the company as much as, if not more than they interview you.  

Ask questions like:

  1. How do you see my skills and talents moving this company toward its vision?
  2. How much authority do I have in making the key decisions in my role?
  3. I am a direct communicator and problem solver with high expectations of my team.  Are any of these attributes a challenge to your culture?

Know this, you are talented and you have amazing gifts, which means you have a choice.

If you want to change companies to have your talents recognized, do it.

Just simply ensure you select the right seat at the right table.