In the latest “Ask Katrina,” I am answering the question: Why does my company demand so much from me? Selflessness is my middle name. I give and give and get nothing in return it seems.”

My answer isn’t going to be one you like, but it’s the truth.

Your company isn’t doing this to you, you’re doing this to yourself.

It’s Not Selflessness

We think we are giving our early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays to our organizations because they are demanding it.

The truth is, they actually aren’t demanding it in most instances.

Are there emergencies or fires from time to time? Sure and of course, in those situations it’s extra hours and having everyone working quickly to solve the problem.

But the reality is that the company isn’t demanding the extra hours most days, it’s that the company doesn’t say no when you give those hours.

That’s the first point I want you to recognize. Demanding it vs. not rejecting it are two different situations.

The second point I want you to recognize is that you aren’t doing the work for the company, you’re doing the extra work for yourself.

I know that sounds crazy.

You’re thinking, “Why would I give my free time to my career? I want my time back, Katrina!”

I get it.

But the reality is that you are the one giving your time to the company.



It’s Self-Preservation

We’re not giving this extra time to the company because we’re givers.

We’re giving the extra time to the organization because we’re afraid.

Do you know the exact science behind career security?

Do you know exactly what to do and what not to do with 100% certainty?

This is the reason you put in the extra hours.

When you started working extra, you were probably promoted at some point.

Extra hours have become synonymous with career success to some degree.

But because we don’t know with certainty what creates success and security, we keep doing what we have always done, we do what we see other successful people doing, and we do what makes us feel safe.

Working extra, answering emails first thing in the morning, answering that work call during dinner, all of those actions cause you to say, “Well, they can’t fire me because look at all of the things I’m doing!”

We tell ourselves that these actions make us safe.

The truth is that they don’t make us safe at all.

They just make us resent the company itself because we start to think that the “company is making us do this.”


We say, “I wish there was another way to feel safe in my job besides working these stupid hours.”

But the company never told you that you would be safe if you worked the crazy hours, you told yourself that.

Do you see the harsh reality here?

We say that we are being selfless in giving our time to the organization when in reality we are only giving our extra time as acts of self-preservation.

It’s time to make a change.

If you want to feel safe and secure in your career, you must become an irreplaceable asset, not sacrifice your personal time freedom.

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