I used to think what most leaders think, that success is earned through a combination of sacrifice and hard work.

As a corporate leader, I was the queen of both.  I took on projects, worked 80-hour weeks, relocated my family 6 times in less than 12 years, won multiple awards, and climbed the ladder into the executive ranks.  I was promoted every 2 years on average.  Through that hard work, I got the title, the pay, the bonus structure, the PTO . . . but not the security, the happiness, or the freedom I was looking for.

I left my corporate career on a mission to discover the key actions, attributes, and strategies that when properly combined, would result in professional success.  I knew there had to be a way for both the leader and the company to win.

Now I speak to C-suite leaders, executive teams, and total organizations teaching them The 1 Rule of professional success.


The 1 Rule: How to Create Professional Success and Personal Freedom

As executives, we are high-performing, high-achieving intellectuals who want to have impact and purpose.  Yet when we reach the executive ranks, we find ourselves in a period of career disillusionment.  We thought our executive positions would give us status, income, time freedom, experiences, personal fulfillment . . . you get the picture.  But it doesn’t. So where did we go wrong?  Is it even possible to have the life we want?  The secret to all of these answers is The 1 Rule.  Once you learn it and apply it, you are able to create the life you want and live life on your terms, what we call a Legend Life.

Too Much is Just Right: Embracing Your Talents and Showing Up as Your Authentic Self

What does the majority of the workforce want to do each day?  Short answer: contribute.  But not just contribute in a robotic, systematic way, in a way that is unique to them.  Even in today’s world of embracing diversity, celebrating differences, and focusing on inclusion, we continue to miss one of the critical facets of DEI: the appreciation of each person’s unique gifts.  Learn how to empower yourself to show up authentically, sharing your talents and strengths in a way that fully benefits the company and the customer through your contribution.


Execing Correctly: The Roadmap to First-Year Executive Success

It takes the average first-year executive  12 months to generate consistent performance results and start “execing correctly.”  The cycle of learning and applying, combined with guesswork, working through the trial and error, and dealing with psychological doubts and fears create a waveform of performance that is lackluster to a high-achiever.  Instead of suffering and struggling, learn the insights of executive leadership and start generating consistent performance results in 2 months, instead of 12, and step into the living a life of professional success and personal freedom.


Katrina is an inspirational speaker! She has a way of helping people view their situation and their options from a new angle and perspective. She somehow has a drone’s eye view of the business landscape. Then she brings it all back down to earth and sorts out the overwhelming into doable chunks of action. 


Executive Leader

Katrina is awesome! She has a way about her that will help you self-evaluate honestly. Katrina also gets you to understand your audience so you can become a better communicator. She is a business changer!


Senior Executive Leader