As successful career women, we know that getting results as quickly and consistently as possible is critical.  There is constant pressure to deliver both performance and business results at each phase of our careers. That isn’t new. We have focused on getting expedited results from the time we were in grade school to now. So why do some newly promoted execs take a year to generate the necessary results? 

If results matter, because they have always mattered, then why does the speed of success decline in a new executive role?

Because there is an unknown problem that we identify once we step into the role. Once we become an executive, it becomes abundantly clear and it goes from unknown to unspoken.

The problem is that the definition of “results” has changed from that definition you knew so well as a mid-level leader to the new executive definition.

“Results” has shifted from “doing, executing, being the subject matter expert on all things, rolling up your sleeves and getting it done yourself, etc.” to now being a thought leader, focusing on strategies, influencing, negotiating, leading through people, etc.

This is a big shift; an unexpected shift.

So now what?

Ladies, this right here, this shift in the definition is where we struggle. If we can’t quickly accept this reality of the shift and start growing into a leader who can generate results at the executive level, we won’t make it. 

So how do you navigate the shift? 

You do what you have always been good at doing, you see the problem in front of you and you hit it head-on.

You and I both know that you have always had this certainty, this belief inside of you that you can do anything in your industry because you have trained for it, you have learned how to do it, and you have this track record of success. That hasn’t changed!

As a first-year female executive, you have two choices: you can become fearful and slowly grow into the role or you can rip the bandaid off, grow quickly, get results, and thrive.

The majority of new executives choose the path of slow growth, which is why it takes new executives on average 12 months to get consistent performance results.


Has it ever taken you that long to get results in a prior role?

Definitely not.

The delay is due to 3 major factors:

  1.  Our fear around the definition of “results”
  2. Our lack of preparation to effectively generate results in the new role (we aren’t prepared to exec correctly)
  3.  and our desire to feel safe vs. grow through it quickly

This month we are going to dive into the speed of success because what I know and what we have proven time and again here at Legend is that it doesn’t take 12 months to get results as a new exec, it takes 2. If we can quickly navigate the 3 major factors we outlined above we can generate results at the pace we are used to as high-performers and get ourselves back on track.

Let’s go on this journey together to get results in 2 months so you can get back to your high-performance self, have the impact you want to have in your executive role, and get rewarded for the results you are going to generate (like earning your first-year bonus, getting your annual pay raise, etc.).

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