On this, “Ask Katrina,” the question is,

“Hey, Katrina, how do I make resolutions that stick?

Well, isn’t that the question the majority of the world is actually asking right now?

Over the next couple of days, everyone’s going to be asking this question and trying to find the solution. So let’s solve it together.

If you’ve been joining me, on the Legendary Leaders podcast or YouTube channel, then you know that we’ve spent this entire month together, going through what I call Preparation Season.

When you work through the steps of Preparation Season, you focus on making next year the best year!


By preparing to make it so.

Resolutions Work When You Prepare

So that’s the answer for you. The way that you make your resolutions stick is that you don’t get to New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day, and think, “What do I want to change or improve?”

If we are drawing a mental line in the sand and creating a fresh start on January 1st, we must be fully prepared to make that fresh start.

We can’t create a resolution or two just to simply say we are doing it.

Yes, we’re high achievers and yes, we want to raise the bar.

But in no other area of our lives do we blindly or haphazardly make that type of commitment.

Let’s plan!

Let’s seek to understand what we really want to achieve.

What should our resolutions be? Let’s decide and commit to them.

Maybe you’re saying that this year you’re going to be a better pickleball player.

How are you going to make sure you’re better? What’s the method?

Are you going to get a coach or a trainer?

Are you going to play with someone better than you?

See, those are the things we don’t think through when we set resolutions. We just simply point and say, “I’m going to do this!”

Then we feel good. We celebrate that we came up with something meaningful and yet achievable.

Everyone celebrates us when we share it on social media.

But you know what, no one ever asks you about it again.

Do you know why?

Because they don’t want you asking them if they’ve hit their resolutions. They haven’t.

Almost everyone gives up.

So how do you make your resolution stick?

You prepare.

You sit down and you look at what you’ve already done this year, and you learn your lessons. (If you want to go and learn about learning lessons and do your self-assessment, that was episode two of this month’s podcast mini-series.)

Then what you do is you say, “Okay, I’m sitting here 12 months from now. Where am I? What does my life look like? How did I make that happen? “

You answer that question and you set clear targets. (That’s episode three, in the series this month.)

The last step is creating milestones, or realistic size stepping stones that you can hit each month to get you to your end goal, and finding people to help you along the way.

Once the planning and preparation are done, then we get to work.

So know this, it’s not too late.

It’s never too late to get started.

So right now, if you’re wondering, how you make your resolution stick, the answer is: decide and commit. Then take action!

Prepare! Then do!

Create your goals/targets. Create your plan to achieve them, and then get to work!

If you want additional support, listen to the podcast mini-series for December.

If you want one-on-one support, book a call, and let’s chat!