Success should be an open-book test

Do you feel like your team had the right talent, attitude, and focus yet the results aren’t being realized?

Or maybe your team has been challenged with a stretch target and it’s going to take a new level of performance for them to reach it?

Then it’s time to get your team upskilled and armed with the key strategies of success.



Training Event

The Strategies Your Team Needs to Generate Next-Level Results


  • Process Improvement
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Communication and Influence
  • Judgment and Decisionmaking 
  • Talent Development
  • Culture
  • Retention


  • Microaggressions Holding Back Female Leaders
  • Learn to Speak “Operations”
  • Professional and Executive Brand Development
  • Process Improvement Methods
Legend Leaders how it works
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The process is super simple.  Let us know:

  • Who you are (you, your organization, and the group to be trained)
  • The area of growth/development you would like to tackle together
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Once you submit the form above, we will:

1. Follow up with you within 24 business hours

2. Schedule a quick, 15-minute call with you to ensure we are a good fit.

3. Create your personalized, team training program.

4. Schedule your training event.

5.  Watch your team succeed!



We already have a training team, does your program conflict?

Absolutely not.  We love the fact that you already have someone (internal or external) to support your most valuable asset-your team members.

You do not need to replace your training team.  We will work in collaboration with them, not in competition.

How long does it take to hear back from you?

Once you fully submit the form found on this page, you should hear back from us via phone or email within 24 business hours.

How long is a typical training event?

We have training programs that last from several hours to  once a month for 12 months.

Let us know what you’re trying to achieve, the timeframe you have to achieve it, and the time you can allocate to upskilling your team and we will work with you from there.

Can you provide more than a training event?

Absolutely!  We can create a custom package for you to not only train the leadership team but provide follow-up meetings, group coaching sessions, 1:1 coaching sessions, etc.  Your package is 100% personalized to your organization.

How do I determine the price of the training?

Because each event is personalized, there is no set package price.  However, most typical training programs start at $5,000.  

How do I know you are the right team for my organization?

Great question!  The bottom line is that we want you to get your desired results.  We aren’t going to waste your time, make empty promises, or sell you something you don’t need.  That’s not how we operate. So do your homework.  Check out our website. Feel free to check out our podcast, Youtube channel, vlogs, social media posts, etc. to ensure our personalities match your culture.  Last but not least, know that on our introductory call together, we will determine if we are a “right fit” before proceeding and want you to do the same.

How do I know your training will provide the upskilling my team needs?

The key to the success of our programs is our ability to understand your primary wants and needs when it comes to your team’s performance.  If you are clear on your desired outcomes, we can clearly define a program to help you get there.

Is the training live, in-person, recorded, how does it work?

The short answer is: yes.  Because your training is personalized to your outcomes, needs, and availability, we will create a program that fits you.  This could be a live training either in-person or via our virtual event studio.  It could be a mix of pre-recorded and then live training.  It could be live training with pre-work required via workbooks and other tangible assets.  You let us know how your team likes to learn and we will work with those learning styles to create your program.

I have another question before I complete the survey, how do I ask it?

Simply send an email to

with the subject line: “Team Training,” and ask your question.  We will follow up with you shortly.

I attended an event by Katrina, and it was the best few hours I could’ve spent. I left with a renewed sense of excitement and purpose, and it already shows!


C-Suite Leader

The training provided by Legend Leaders made me feel more confident in what I do every day and pushed me to be a better version of myself in a positive and supportive way.


Team Leader