Do you like rules?

If you ask me, I typically say no.

In fact, I usually say, “Hell, no.”

My personality gravitates towards fewer rules and more freedom, handling things my own way, applying my own style, my own methods, and getting crap done at my own pace.  

Not a reckless pace, but a pace that gets the job done because I already have the answer I need and I am ready to take action.

Does this sound anything like you?

Are you a high achiever?

Do you strive to make things happen quickly?

Are you the person that says, “Get out of my way, I’ve got this!”

Because while others are trying to define the rules or framework before solving a problem, you are asking yourself the best way to solve the problem first instead of checking the rules.

We solve, then we check to see if the solution fits, am I right?  

So if this is your frame for life, when it comes to living, do you find yourself frustrated at times?

Are you tired of having to follow the rules of the world?

You know, the rules that define how much money you must make, the car you must drive, the neighborhood you must live in, the vacations you must take, and even the clothes you must wear and/or the workout programs you must participate in.

At some point, no doubt you have said, “Screw this! I’m out!” 

And you feel good.  




Free even.

But 20 minutes after your personal declaration of independence, you start backpedaling a bit.

Why 1 Rule Resolves Your Biggest Fear

Why the sudden about-face?

Because you realized something important about your initial decision.

If you change all of the rules regarding how you live, how you “fit in,” and how you exist in your current world, how do you ensure these changes don’t impact your career or business?


This one unknown answer causes almost every woman I know to immediately go from “Screw this!  I’m out!” 


I’m just going to live with it. I can’t risk it.”

We hate rules but when faced with a change that could put our careers/businesses at risk, we refuse to take selfish action that could negatively impact our families.

As a result, we feel trapped, smothered, alone, and quite frankly . . . miserable.

So how in the heck do we move past the “I can’t risk it” pathway to one that allows us to have both?

How do you go from an “or” mindset (I can either choose my career or I can choose my happiness) to an “and” mindset (how do I have my successful career AND fulfillment)?

The answer is simple, you master the one rule above all other rules.

You master the 1 rule you cannot change, that you must not change, that you must execute daily in order to give you freedom in all other parts of your life.

The 1 Rule Resulting in Security and Freedom

That one rule is all about value.

Add exceptional value to your career/business and become an irreplaceable asset in the marketplace.

Value makes you irreplaceable.

It has your customers coming back for more and the corporate world begging you to stay.

Once you become an irreplaceable asset, you will have the security you need to then safely change the other rules in your life.

Does this sound too good to be true?

I understand why it may.  

How long have you been searching for this type of balance: security and freedom?

How bad have you wanted life on your terms without worrying you would damage your livelihood?

If you are like me, it was years before I found the answer.


So to say you have found the answer by reading this random blog probably seems too good to be true.

But it’s not.

It works.

I’ve done it.

My clients have done it.

So can you.

Want to learn more?  

Send me a DM and let’s talk.