Are you a visionary leader?

Most of us would immediately say no.

Who are we to be in the company of leaders like Nelson Mandela and Elon Musk?

Are those not at least a few of the leaders you think of when you think “visionary leader?”

But . . . who says your vision has to change the world in order to be deemed “visionary?” 

I believe anyone can be considered a visionary leader, on any stage, in any industry, no matter the size of the vision.

You see, being visionary is simply about having that super clear view of the future. 

And guess what?

You are already a visionary leader!

A Track Record of Being Visionary

Shall I prove it to you?

What do you expect your life to look like 5 years from now?

Whatever your answer is, that’s your vision for your life.



You already have a vision for your life, your family, and your future. 

You are already a visionary leader in those areas.

So why is it such a leap to be a visionary leader in business?

Don’t psych yourself out and make this a bigger undertaking than it really is.

The 5 Key Steps to Being A Visionary Leader

If you have a passion for the future you are envisioning, it’s pretty easy to come up with a clear view of what that future looks like.

And those two components are actually steps #1 and #2 in being that visionary leader: 

One, be passionate about the vision you are creating.  You must have a strong why to drive you forward in creating this vision.

Two, create a clear, detailed vision about what the future looks like for that part of the business or industry.  In other words, define what your vision truly is.

The third step is enlisting others to buy into your vision.  

Every visionary leader I can think of never accomplished their vision on their own.  It takes other passionate believers to help make that vision a reality. 

Your ability to educate others, align them to your view, and influence them to help make your dream a reality is a critical next step. 

Many times visionaries without followers are just “crazy people” with a “failure to launch” track record, 

Step 4 is where the roadmap is created.  It’s when you and your team of believers come together and define how the vision will come to fruition.

This is the “getting to work” step.  It’s where you roll up your sleeves and start taking action.  

Is step 4 the end?

Definitely not.  It’s just the beginning.

As the visionary leader, you are still looking to the future.

The work you are doing in the present moment is simply the foundation for the future you are building.

As the world changes, advances are made, learnings occur, you will tweak and pivot your vision accordingly; which makes step 5: edit and revise.

Any vision.

Every vision.

All of your visions will change as you grow and change.

From setting your goal in your 30’s to retire and own a ranch in Montana to now in your late 40’s wanting to own retirement home in Florida because you realize you hate the snow, your vision changes with you.  

See, you are already a visionary leader.

You create targets for your life, your team, and your business.

Why not take it one step further and be the visionary leader the total business needs you to be?

Why not use your visionary skills to help the company step into the future and be able to clearly answer the question: What business do we need to be in?