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Legend Leaders Time Freedom Program

Invest your time over the next 60 days to create time freedom for the rest of your life.



Simply reply back to me via email or chat with the message “I’M IN” and I will help you get your seat reserved in the program.




Additional FAQs:

1.  How much does the program cost?

     The total cost of the program is $2,400 (2 months x $1,200 a month).


2.  When will I have access to the self-study material and what does the self-study work consist of?

The self-study will be available by or before Monday each week.  You will download a workbook for that specific strategy, watch the corresponding video, and do the work that goes with it.  


3.  When are the live, weekly calls?

Every Thursday we will have a 60-minute call to answer questions, reconfirm your knowledge, and keep you on the right track.  


4. This is fast-paced.  Can I really get 10 hours back in my week in this short period of time?

It is fast-paced but I know that as a high-achiever, you don’t like a slow pace when you have committed to making something happen.  So why slow down something you want to get accomplish quickly anyway?  That said, the answer is yes.  We have done this exact thing with our female corporate executive clients time and time again.


5. How often can I watch the self-study videos?

Once a training video is made available to you, you will have access to that video for the life of the Time Freedom Program.


6.  What if I can’t make the weekly Thursday calls?

No problem.  We will be recording each weekly call and will share that recording with you (whether you made the call or not).  You will be able to submit questions in advance and thus will have the opportunity to get your questions in and hear them answered on the recording.  The only access you wouldn’t have available to you is the ability to be coached live during that specific session.