Why is value the solution?

If you’re going to have career success and security so that you can stop working 10-hour plus days and start actually living, why is “value” the path to getting you there?

First and foremost, “value” is the reason businesses exist in the first place.

The sole purpose of a business is to provide value to its customers. if it doesn’t add value, it doesn’t get to stay in business.

As an employee, you have a customer.

I’m not talking about the customer that buys the goods/services from the company. That customer is a shared customer that every employee is focused on serving as part of delivering the company’s mission.

I’m talking about the internal customer that you serve in your role.

You see each employee has both an internal customer and an external customer they work to add value to on a daily basis.

When you add value to your internal customer, they can turn around and do their jobs more effectively. This collective “value-add” internally results in adding value to the external customer.

When We Take Our Focus Off of Daily Value

I know you get the concept of “adding value,” so then how do we find ourselves in a situation where we aren’t doing it to the point that we are damaging our careers?

ANSWER: By forgetting why we exist in the organization.

We get sucked into the day-to-day and stop focusing on doing the things that only we can do in the company.

And unfortunately, getting sucked in and forgetting our purpose is easy to do!

Meetings, tasks, projects, procedures, company rules, life; all of those things and more make up our daily routines.

It becomes easy to get sucked into the details and start focusing on the day to day instead of creating a routine to help you take that 30,000-foot view of your routine to ensure the day-to-day actually has you adding value.


Two reasons:

1. The day-to-day tasks scream louder and demand our attention with a sense of urgency. Naturally, the noise will get our attention first.

But when there is always noise, and we haven’t built a routine otherwise, the noise will rule.

2. We are achievers.

Achievers like to accomplish tasks, check the boxes, and get it all done.

The reason we made it into the executive ranks is that we are achievers.

But how we achieved within our careers in the past, isn’t the way we must achieve within it today.

We cannot be doers, with our heads down completing tasks.

We must have our heads up, asking ourselves if the tasks we are doing are adding value. Moreover, we must ensure the tasks that our teams are completing are adding value.

In essence, we must become the gatekeepers of value both in our careers and as the leader of our teams.

This is what successful executives do.

Successful Executives Focus On Value and Thus Are Valued

So then if we do this, how does this equate to career success and security? Let’s close the loop.

When we add value, our names get placed in the asset column on the organization’s “talent balance sheet.”

Assets, by definition, add value and are valuable.

We, therefore, become “valuable” to the organization.

When you’re valuable, are you successful?

Are you secure?

When you’re successful and secure can you stop stressing about your career and start actually living life?


So then the ultimate question is: are you ready to start living?

You know how to do that at this point. Start adding daily value.

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