What does your customer need/want?  Do you know?  Do you think you know. . . but maybe you really don’t?  Do you confidently know?  This is what I want to dive into today during this episode.

You know, our customer is everything to our businesses.  They are why we have created the services and products we sell; to make their lives better.  But in order to have a product that achieves that status “making someone’s life better,” we have to know what pains of our customer.

So again, what does your customer need/want?  You have to figure this out if you are going to have an offer that is irresistible and a business that can scale.   

The key here is to ask and listen!  If you have found your target audience, ask them questions.  Then ask some more questions.  Listen.  Take notes. In addition to learning in general, you need to understand the difference between a need and a want.   

We all purchase things because we want them.  Rarely do we buy something because we need it.  The fact that we also need it, validates the idea that we should buy the product because ultimately, we want it.  As you connect with your customer and seek feedback, learn what they want.  Learn about the pain and what they want to resolve it.  As the expert, you know that mostly what they want, isn’t what they need.  

That’s fine, sell them what they want, give them both what they want and what they need.  Fulfill both.  Your customer will continue to vote for you with their dollars when you do this.

Are you listening to your customer?   Do you know what they need/want?

Be Legendary!