On this ask Katrina, the question is:

“Hey, Katrina, will I ever feel like I’ve done enough?”

How many times have we asked ourselves that exact question?

Am I doing enough?

Have I done enough?

When will it be enough?

While these questions can be asked about any part of our lives, they are usually focused on our careers.

Either you’re striving and trying to get a promotion, a specific salary, or a raise, or you’re already there and just trying to keep it.

You’re fighting to get something that you want, or that you need.

I have conversations with women all of the time, and I hear them asking, “When do I get to stop sacrificing? When do I get to stop missing out on things? When does that happen? When will it be enough?”

And what I want you to step back and think about is this: Why is enough tied to your career?

In other words, I think you’re asking the wrong question.

I know that in my career I asked the wrong question.

Because I tied my worth and my life permission to my professional life.

That was where I felt like my worth was tied.

Separate Your “Enough” from Your Performance

Step one, I want you to look within yourself.

Seek to understand if you’ve tied your worth, to the professional side of your career.

Meaning you’re not allowing yourself to live and be happy until you perform.

You’re not allowed to live until you reach a certain seat, you’re not allowed to live until you can maintain a certain status for X number of years and make this much money and impact this many people. You just won’t let yourself enjoy your life until you achieve professionally.

If upon self-reflection this is what you’re doing, realize that there’s no one else preventing you from living but you.

So is your worth tied to your professional life?

If yes, then step 2 of this process is the next question. How do I stop? Now that I recognize it, now I’m seeing it, I should be able to live and enjoy and have whatever life I want.

How do I achieve professionally? How do I exec correctly AND live?

Because execing correctly doesn’t mean that you don’t get to live.

To get what we call a Legend Life, we teach a process called the 4 Ps. The last P is “permission.” (If you want to check this out, I’ve got a whole podcast series on it, we’re actually in the middle of it this month. Check it out here.)

Through this vlog, we have literally just walked through the permission phase of the 4 Ps.

If you stop tying your personal worth, value, and worthiness to your professional career, you’re going to feel like things are enough.

Meaning, if things aren’t 100% perfect at work, that’s okay, because you are still enough.

We don’t need you feeling less than. So let’s separate the link we have created between performance and permission.

Now that we have created that separation, let’s talk about performance for a second.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is this not enough?” because you think you’re not performing, then ask yourself what must happen for you truly exec correctly?

You must start performing at the level expected.

You lock in your performance, eliminate the trial and error, and show up in full confidence when you have a high-performance executive brand.

You’ve got to create that brand and then you’ve got to strengthen it to get consistent and continued results.

When you are performing at the level the company wants you to perform, then your executive brand is on point and you’re going to know your efforts are enough.

Because you’re doing the right things at the right times, you’re adding value in a way that the company has defined, and you’re doing it in a way that only you can do it using your gifts.

To summarize: If you’re asking yourself, “Why do I feel like I’m not I’m never doing enough? When is it ever going to be enough?” as it relates to your career, the first thing you got to understand is that you’re probably doing a lot of busy work.

You need to fix your brand. It’s a must. So let’s get your brand adjusted. Let’s create the brand.

When you have that high-performing executive brand, you are performing and you are exacting correctly.

That then gives you permission to live.

What I’m telling you to do is you don’t have to wait to feel like your executive correctly to live. Go ahead and release yourself from that trap. And recognize that your identity and your self-worth are not tied to your professional performance. It’s tied to just who you are at your core and you are a whole lot of things besides your professional career.

If you want to stop wondering if your actions are enough, then let’s lock in your high-performance executive brand. Schedule a call with the team, HERE.