Do you know the steps you need to take in order to feel successful and happy in your career or business?

Many times the answer is, “I think so . . .”

And so with that answer, we keep pushing forward, winging it.

Where does winging it get you?

Further down the path of fear, self-doubt, worry, and insecurity.

Because as they say, winging it never works.

So if winging it is the wrong answer, what’s the right answer?

Working with a strategist.

What Is a Strategist?

A strategist is someone who has “been there, done that.” They not only understand where you are, but they have been where you are before and they are willing to teach you the fastest path to bypass the pitfalls.

This is key.

Many times businesses will hire a consulting firm.  Most consulting firms hire individuals who have never owned a business, never worked for a company, and been responsible for an arm of a business, etc.  They simply have an MBA and they know business theory.

While there is zero wrong with having an MBA, having the life experiences and/or learning from others who have had those life experiences helps you identify the patterns of human behavior you must understand in order to be successful.

Now you may be thinking, “Why do I care about human behavior?  How does it impact the way I run my business?

You should care because you bring yourself, and all of your human behavior, with you to work every day. 

Your team does as well.

Not to mention the fact that you serve human customers.

Everything we do in business involves people.

We must understand how people think, work, act, and feel if we are going to be successful, much less provide an exceptional level of service to others. 

A strategist is also someone who identifies patterns in performance (both in business and life) and applies those learnings to give you the roadmap you need.

That sounds intriguing, but what does that really mean?

It means that because they have already been through the life event, they have thoughtfully identified the exact pathway you should follow to reach your endpoint without making common mistakes.

Think about the pathway like climbing Mount Everest.

You don’t do climb the mountain alone.

You have sherpas with you; individuals who live on/around the mountain, have the climbing skills, the knowledge, and the experience to get you to the summit. 

A strategist is a sherpa for your life, career, and business.

Do I Need a Strategist?

Most people decide they need a strategist for a variety of reasons.  The most common reasons are when someone is:

  • Facing something new in their career or business and don’t want to make a misstep
  • Tired of feeling like they are taking the hard steps alone because spouses are not meant to be your business advisor in most cases 
  • Having self-doubt that is impacting their lives 
  • Ready to trade money for speed and get their time back
  • Having what they call a “slump” in performance and they want to get out of it
  • Feel like they are giving all of themselves for their career or business and it either isn’t working or they just simply want their lives back
  • Happy, healthy, and fulfilled and they want to keep it that way

You see, there are a variety of events in someone’s life that would have them turn to a strategist.  If you can make a 1 cm shift in your performance, your mindset, the way you run the business, and the way you influence others, imagine how your life will change over time due to that 1 cm shift in your trajectory. 

It’s tremendous! 

This is what a strategist gives you.  Small shifts in key areas of your life to make big impacts in the future. 

Who doesn’t want that?

At Legend Leaders, we are a company focusing on leadership strategy and teaching you to master the 3 pillars of leadership, which then leads to ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Ready to work with a strategist?

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