Are you ready to move on because you are just over it?

I mean ALL OF IT?

Are you beyond tired of waking up to the same routine?

The alarm goes off, everyone starts to stir, and in a matter of seconds, the room goes from deathly still to a level of insanity.

Phones start beeping and chiming.  

Bodies are moving.

Teeth are getting brushed.

Showers are being taken.  

Hair is getting fixed.

Maybe even a little makeup is being applied.

Then it’s off to work, even if it’s just in the next room, where you must be “on point.”  You know, happy, energetic, focused, and ready to give your all.

Not only must you be ready to give it, but they are also ready to take it.

All of it.

Have you ever noticed that the corporate machine is like a vacuum?  

It will continue to suck the life out of you for as long as you give it your life.

Are you over all of it?

Are you over the routine that makes you feel like you aren’t getting anything back?

I hear you.

Let me ask you this, in your entire morning routine, where was your gratitude for the day?

Where was the moment to enjoy the view out your window or a moment to step outside and enjoy your coffee?

Where are those 5 minutes?

It seems that we don’t have those moments unless we are on vacation.

We have convinced ourselves that those moments can’t exist in our day-to-day lives because the routine we have is “what works.”

 Such that even when you’re over it, you can’t move on.

Why Can’t I Move On?

I get it, you want the freedom that your title, income, and lifestyle should technically afford you.

But in order to keep all 3 of those things, we can’t make a change.

We can’t move on.


Because we need those things in our lives.  We have worked hard for that title, that money, and the life we have created.  

Why would we just “throw it away?”

And there you have it.

There is one of the beliefs that keep us stuck.

In order to get the freedom, the moments of gratitude, the happiness, the fulfillment, the joy, adventure, variety, and fun, (insert your favorite emotion here), we have created a belief that it’s not possible to do so in the life we have today.

At some point, we told ourselves that the life we have worked so hard to create doesn’t go with the life we now want. 

And yet, we are over it.

Just like we were over that person we dated in college.  One day we woke up and we were ready for the next chapter of our lives and that person was still enjoying the bars, and clubs, sleeping until noon, and living the college life.  

In the same way you woke up that morning and realized you had to move on, so too are you waking up in your current life feeling like you must move on.

The only difference between the decision in college and the decision today is the fact that in college you believed the move was an acceptable, appropriate, shall I dare say an “adult” move. 

You can’t say that about your current situation.


Because to you, keeping your current life is the “adult” move.

Because you have worked hard for this current life.  You’re not willing to lose what you currently have.   You want what you have AND you want your best life. 

What If You Don’t Have to Move On?

What if you didn’t have to move on completely from your current life?  What if you could have your career, title, income, and lifestyle, and you could add happiness, joy, adventure, etc.?

Well, in order to keep what you have, you must understand the actions you must take to keep it, right?

What must you do to generate career success so that you can stop doing the crap that isn’t contributing to that success and then take your life back?

Sounds like the perfect balance of an “and life” right?  (Success AND happiness)

As female executives, we are afraid to move on because we want both worlds.  We were told we could have a career and a family and we want the “and.”

So here it is.

You CAN have the “and life.”

You must learn what career success is.  What must you do in order to be successful day in and day out, without “giving your all” to your career?   

While “giving our all” is all we know and we believe this is what is required to stay safe in our careers, the truth is that this isn’t what created your success.

You adding daily value to the organization, for the sake of the organization (not for self-preservation), is why you are successful.

So instead of moving on, let’s simply step into a more mature, educated, worldly, self-aware version of ourselves.

Take the action and step into creating the next version of yourself.