Are you ready to close the year strong in your organization?  Q4 is upon us if your corporation’s fiscal calendar follows the calendar year.  What better time than the last month of Q3 to realign yourself and your team around the targets and value-adds the company needs from you?

As you know, our focus here at Legend Leaders is to help executive leaders become assets.  How?  By adding daily value to the organization.

One such way to add daily value is to develop not just yourself as an asset but to develop an entire team of assets.  Our teams should be focused on the right actions, at the right times, to contribute to the organization in a way that the company values, recognizes, and appreciates.  When you achieve this as a leader, you have added exponential value to the company.  This concept is critically important to your career success and security.  When the company wins, you win.

What better time than the month of September to focus on the fundamentals of getting your team clear, aligned, and on track such that you exceed expectations in Q4 and deliver to your annual targets?

So how do we get started?

Today I simply want you to ask yourself: have I been giving my team enough support and guidance?

We must always start any team development process by first looking at ourselves and understanding where we are in our personal leadership journey.  We have either been leading, serving, and adding value to our teams in an effective manner, or we have not been underperforming.  The key here is that we must honestly acknowledge how we have been serving our teams.  If we have been delivering, the lift we have isn’t quite as large.  If we have been missing the mark, we must change our focus, attitude, and execution in order to help our individual teams thrive.

Know this, we can’t get to our endpoint (creating a high-performing, valuing-adding team) if we don’t know our starting point.  Your challenge today is to define your personal starting point.  Where are you right now when it comes to effectively setting expectations, communicating, and guiding your team?

If you’re on track, that’s fantastic. You will continue to lead as you have been.  If you are off track, you must set a new routine for yourself so that you become the leader you must be for your team in order to help them add the value necessary to deliver in Q4.

Grab your copy of this month’s workbook so you can listen and take action!

Be Legendary!